Thursday, 28 June 2018

Training Week (25th - 29th June 2018)

Monday AM:
Boxing HIIT Class @ UG Newhaven, coached by Sonny Parkinson

Monday PM:
BJJ @ UG Newhaven, coached by Tolly Plested.

Gym Jones "Today in the gym" session
1.5mile run
2 rounds of 10 band pull aparts, 20 squats, 10 jump squats, 10 lunges, 2 jump lunges, 1 knee jump
2 front squats + 4 back squats - 70kg, 100kg, 120kg, 130kg x2 sets
Back started to get really niggly after this so called it quits here. Booked in for a massage to help relieve the issue because it's been causing me some grief for a while. 

Rugby Renegade Workout
1. 500m Row
2a. Military Press x5 reps.
2b. Bent Over Row x5 reps. X5 rounds
3. 250m Ski Erg
4. Ring Row x50 reps.
5. 250m Row
6. DB Curls x50 reps.
7. 500m Ski Erg

Thursday AM:
1a. Bench Press - 40 x10, 50 x10, 60 x8, 70 x8, 80 x8, 90 x8, 100 x3, 60 x15
1b. Band Pull Apart - x20 (one set per set of bench)
2a. Chin Ups - 5x5
2b. Band Face Pull - 5x15
3a. DB Biceps Curl - 5x10
3b. DB Overhead Tricep Extension - 5x10/10
3c. Weighted Plank - 5x30s @ 10kg
4. Ski Erg - 40:20 until 100kcal complete; 9 rounds (12/13/13/13/13/13/13/13/10)

Thursday PM:
BJJ @ UG Newhaven, coached by Jack Duffy

Rest Day. Body feels absolutely broken so taking a day to fuel up and decompress a little.

BJJ @ UG Newhaven, with a group of the guys just an informal session

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Training Week (18th to 22nd June 2018)

Summary of last week's training:

Monday AM:
Boxing HIIT Class @ Underground Gym Newhaven

Monday PM:
BJJ @ UG Newhaven, coached by Freddy Mouland

Snatches, 3 singles at 50, 60 and 70kg 
(first snatches since surgery)
Also did some upper body pulling and accessory work

IWT Session with Kerry Langley @ UG Newhaven
Trap Bar Deadlift x8 -> 1minute max concept bike -> 1min rest. X4 rounds
Overhead Lunges x8/8 -> 1min max run -> 1min rest. X4 rounds
Chin Ups xMAX -> 1min max row -> 1min rest. X4 rounds
400m run -> 21 TRX Row -> 21 KB Swing -> 21 DB Push Press
300m run -> 15/15/15
200m run -> 9/9/9
100m run -> 3/3/3

Thursday AM:
Upper body session
Cable crossover x10 -> close grip pulldown x6. x5 sets
Low to high crossover x10 -> seated row x8. x5 sets.
Bicep Curl x10 -> Tricep Overhead extension x10 -> Tricep pushdown x10 -> x5 rounds

Thursday PM:
BJJ @ UG Newhaven, coached by Jack Duffy

HIT Strength Class @ UG Newhaven.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Changing directions

It's been a while since my last post; and it had been a while before that one since my last too.
Every time I tell myself that I will make a better effort to get on here and track things, even if it is just for me and no other soul ever sees it, but I've been pretty shit at it.
So no promises, but here is hoping that this is the start of more regular training blog content.

So what does training look like at the moment?
Honestly? It's been pretty varied for a while now. Back in October I hurt my shoulder at Jiu Jitsu, after landing awkwardly from a throw, which meant I couldn't do a lot of stuff in the gym.
I battled on through for a while but in February I made the decision to start the process and get it checked out.
Turns out I had damaged my AC Joint. We tried a steroid injection to calm it down but that did nothing so the eventual decision was surgery.
This happened of April 4th, and since I have been on a comeback trail.

In between injury and surgery I started to vary my training. Olympic lifting was becoming more and more difficult with the pain, and other strength lifts too, so I started creating my own thing and blending loads of different training with the aim of becoming a bit fitter, less fat, stronger blah blah blah all the usual stuff.

Since surgery it has been kind of the same but limited. I haven't been able to bench press, dip, push up or do much overhead work.
It is slowly getting better to the point that I can overhead press and do push ups ok, but bench press and dips are still difficult or impossible depending on the day.
Working around it I have been doing a mix of hypertrophy type work, circuits, and lots of conditioning. This is purely to stop me being bored, but I've also really enjoyed it.

Now that I am back to almost full health I intend to continue on a similar path. I am deciding between following either Power Athlete HQ's program Field Strong; a mix of strength lifts, dynamic movement and conditioning for field sports athletes, or some of the Gym Jones programming.
My first exposure to Gym Jones was through Steve Kowalenko (@virtus_strength on instagram), my old colleague at Reach Fitness, and after looking over a load of his workouts recently I asked him some questions, went on the site and I feel like it's right up my street.
Heavy compound strength work, bodybuilding accessories and loads of brutal conditioning.
That's what I'm after right now; a mixed up program ticking a load of boxes but that I can just turn up and do without any fuss or planning.

So that's the plan.
Gym Jones "Today In The Gym" daily workouts, with 2-3x BJJ sessions a week as well.
Normally doing this twice a week but I want to do more, especially with my first competition coming up in July.

There we go, back up to date and with a plan of action.

Today what have I done:
Morning - HIT Strength Class @ Underground Gym Newhaven. I coach this class and we had odd numbers so I decided to join in.
Will also be doing a 2nd session this evening with a client of mine to get some extra work in and vacate my noisy mind for another hour.

Til Monday.