Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Training Week (18th to 22nd June 2018)

Summary of last week's training:

Monday AM:
Boxing HIIT Class @ Underground Gym Newhaven

Monday PM:
BJJ @ UG Newhaven, coached by Freddy Mouland

Snatches, 3 singles at 50, 60 and 70kg 
(first snatches since surgery)
Also did some upper body pulling and accessory work

IWT Session with Kerry Langley @ UG Newhaven
Trap Bar Deadlift x8 -> 1minute max concept bike -> 1min rest. X4 rounds
Overhead Lunges x8/8 -> 1min max run -> 1min rest. X4 rounds
Chin Ups xMAX -> 1min max row -> 1min rest. X4 rounds
400m run -> 21 TRX Row -> 21 KB Swing -> 21 DB Push Press
300m run -> 15/15/15
200m run -> 9/9/9
100m run -> 3/3/3

Thursday AM:
Upper body session
Cable crossover x10 -> close grip pulldown x6. x5 sets
Low to high crossover x10 -> seated row x8. x5 sets.
Bicep Curl x10 -> Tricep Overhead extension x10 -> Tricep pushdown x10 -> x5 rounds

Thursday PM:
BJJ @ UG Newhaven, coached by Jack Duffy

HIT Strength Class @ UG Newhaven.

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